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Death of a Dancing Queen

"What a joy to keep readerly company with Billie Levine..."

-The New York Times Book Review

Veronica Mars meets New Jersey

Saddled with bills and her mother’s Alzheimer’s diagnosis, Billie Levine runs a private investigation firm out of the corner booth of her favorite North Jersey deli, hoping the pickles and flexible hours will keep her family afloat. So when a rich kid with a nasty drug habit offers her a stack of cash to find his missing girlfriend, how can Billie refuse?

But dollar signs become death threats when the missing persons case embroils Billie in the intense stand-off between a Jewish mobster and a skinhead group. Toss in the unsolved murder of a cabaret dancer and the reappearance of Billie’s ex-boyfriend with his own rap sheet, and she is regretting every decision that got her to this point.

Becoming a P.I. was supposed to solve her problems. But if Billie doesn’t crack this case, the next body the police dredge out of the Hudson River will be hers.



"Set in New Jersey's crime world, this novel is a spunky take on hard-boiled detective drama."

-Library Journal

"An appealing and resourceful protagonist with realistic personal problems complements an intricate plot filled with valid suspects and motives. Readers will want to see more of Billie."

- Publishers Weekly 

"Death of a Dancing Queen is an exciting mystery novel that connects the past and present of organized crime, all while showcasing the challenges of caring for a struggling family member."

-Foreword Reviews

"Giarratano deftly twists her plot, nonchalantly drops corpses and shrewdly discloses secrets like a seasoned pro."

- Shelf Awareness

"Giarratano capably keeps a plethora of balls in the air in the suspect- drenched, tangled plot, but the real draw here is Billie, her family, and the sundry, offbeat characters in their orbit—all fully fleshed and filled with infectious spirit. Fans of Janet Evanovich's Stephanie Plum and her entourage will be right at home. "

- Booklist

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